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Tutorials Krita (english)

In this section there are free english tutorials about Krita, an open source raster graphics software (but also vectorial) known especially for its painting tools, used for creating illustrations, animations, or making concepts. Its strengths are the intuitive user interface, the palette configuration to speed up work, its flexible brush management, selection masks or transformation masks (to bend and distort in a non-destructive way). Besides being able to edit and save HDR images, it supports Photoshop PSD files, Gimp's XFC format, SVG, PDF and most common raster formats.
Krita tutorial: Introduction [ENG]

Krita tutorial: Introduction [ENG]

In this tutorial in english we introduce Krita, an open source 2D graphics program widely used for painting and creating 2D animations, providing a quick overview of its main functions. You can download Krita at https://krita.org/en/download/krita-desktop/ where it is available for Windows operating systems (the installer, but also the useful Portable ...

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