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Graphics and Programming

Collect free online guides and tutorials about graphics and programming, and in particular new technologies and new languages that serve to create virtual reality environments and advanced web applications, using open source and non-open resources.

Resize particles by blend textures in Blender [ENG]

In this tutorial in english for Blender we will see how to resize the particles with the textures blend associated with them. This method can be useful to have some control, not so much in time but in space, of the objects emitted, thus giving the possibility to recreate both ...

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The Collections in Blender 2.8 [ENG]

In this little tutorial in english we will talk about the Collections introduced in Blender 2.8, apparently a mysterious object, but actually very useful. The Collections in Blender 2.8 have been one of the most interesting novelties of this new version, as they have revolutionized the way to group objects and ...

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How to use chroma key with a green screen in Blender [ENG]

In this tutorial in English for Blender 3D, we will look at some basic concepts on how to crop an image or a movie, made with green screen, to overlay it on another image or movie. Through the technique of the chroma key a color is isolated (in our case the ...

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