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Graphics and Programming

Collect free online guides and tutorials about graphics and programming, and in particular new technologies and new languages that serve to create virtual reality environments and advanced web applications, using open source and non-open resources.

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Recent articles:

Blender: bricks with adaptive subdivision/microdisplacement

In this third tutorial for Blender (updated to version 2.93) concerning the creation of a 3D wall starting from a photo, we will see how to create the bricks of the wall using the Adaptive Subdivision, which is also called Adaptive Displacement, or Micropolygon displacement, or Microdisplacement, or Tesselation, so ...

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Blender: bricks with the displace modifier

In this tutorial for Blender in english (updated to Blender 2.93) we continue the mini-course on how to create a 3D wall starting from a photo. In the previous tutorial https://www.graphicsandprogramming.net/eng/tutorial/krita/make-textures-in-krita/krita-tutorial-map-displacement-height-normal we created the various textures (displacement map, height map, normal map, roughness map, specular map) to be used as ...

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Krita tutorial: how to create displacement, height, normal etc. maps

In this tutorial for Krita in english (updated to Krita 4.4.8) we will see how to create displacement, height, normal, roughness and specular maps from a photo. These maps are very important in the 3D world as through a texture they provide information on how the surface of an object ...

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Blender useful 3d modeling tools

In this tutorial (updated to Blender 2.93) we mention some useful tools and functions for modeling, which can be useful for both beginners and the more forgetful experts. They allow both to save time and effort and to solve some problems, sometimes not easy to solve.   Moving a vertex along an ...

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Blender orbit a Camera following a spiral path

In this tutorial in english for Blender (made in Blender 2.93) we explain how to orbit a Camera around an object following a spiral path, what problems can arise and the possible solutions. Usually to present a product or an artifact it may be enough to turn the Camera around the ...

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Krita tutorial: Introduction [ENG]

In this tutorial in english we introduce Krita, an open source 2D graphics program widely used for painting and creating 2D animations, providing a quick overview of its main functions. You can download Krita at https://krita.org/en/download/krita-desktop/ where it is available for Windows operating systems (the installer, but also the useful Portable ...

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Blender change shadow intensity and color with the Compositor

In this tutorial for Blender (updated to version 2.9) we see how to change the color and how to darken/lighten the shadow of an object in the Blender Compositor. This can be especially useful when we want to add a 3D object on a pre-existing photo, to better adapt the ...

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Blender: where is the startup file

In this tutorial for Blender (2.83+) in english we will talk about the startup file and the configuration files, what they are and where they are. Whether we install Blender or we unpack the "portable" version zipped in the desired directory (both of these types of distribution are downloadable from https://www.blender.org/download/), ...

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Blender how to duplicate a camera along a curve

In this tutorial in english for Blender (written creating the examples with Blender 2.82) we will see how to duplicate a camera along a curve in equidistant points. In fact, sometimes it is necessary to create a system with multiple cameras, to have multiple views of the same scene at ...

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Blender create a picture frame with shear and bevel

In this tutorial for Blender in english we will see how to make the frame of a picture with two interesting tools, Shear and Bevel. Shear generally allows to deform an object only along a certain axis at a time, using handles that can be dragged, and can be useful ...

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