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Graphics and Programming

Collect free online guides and tutorials about graphics and programming, and in particular new technologies and new languages that serve to create virtual reality environments and advanced web applications, using open source and non-open resources.


Magic particles along a spiral path in Blender

In this tutorial in english for Blender 2.8 we will see how to make an animation of particles along a path, in particular a spiral, to create a particular effect as during the launch of a magic spell. We will therefore try to make this animation, first creating the spiral along ...

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Morphing with keyed particles in Blender 2.8 [ENG]

In this tutorial in english for Blender 2.8 we will see how to create a small morphing animation through a path of keyed particles, that is a list of particles systems that in succession can create a flow of entities that changes its shape according to the properties of the ...

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Grease Pencil Blender 2.8: how to draw a manga - part 2

Here continues the second part of the tutorial on how to make a manga with Grease Pencil in Blender 2.8. In the first part of the tutorial we designed the head and eyes of our character, we will continue here finishing the remaining parts of the face, adding hair and ...

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